Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Multi-Unit Dwellings in British Columbia is a Huge Problem

Residences at The Heights will be a smoke free rental property. We have taken guidance and advice from Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada to create smoke free multi-dwelling housing. Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada is a national health organization with one goal: the reduction of tobacco-caused illness through reduced smoking and exposure to second hand smoke.

Did you know that smoking kills more people than alcohol, drugs, car accidents, murder, suicide, and AIDS combined? Smoking kills 45,000 Canadians annually. Second-hand smoke exposure in multi-dwelling buildings is a huge problem. A May 2018 survey of apartment dwelling BC residents showed that 51% are knowingly exposed to second-hand smoke. Many fail to recognize that they are not alone, and instead suffer in silence. In 2008, BC Stats calculated that up to 100,000 BC renters may move annually over this issue. All surveys have shown that a strong majority of individuals would prefer to live in a 100% smoke-free building, yet only a handful exist in BC.

Please take time to read the following excellent submission by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada to the Rental Housing Housing Task Force in which this group recommends that all new buildings be smoke-free. We agree !

Rest assured that second-hand smoke will not be a problem at Residences at The Heights! We will ensure a healthy environment for all of our residents.

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