Modo Cooperative Car Share

Car Share for Residences at The Heights

Redbrick Properties has partnered with Modo Cooperative to provide car sharing for Residences at The Heights! Car sharing offers a great alternative for those residents who want to avoid the high costs of car ownership.

Whether you’re new to the area, or just new to Residences at the Heights, you’ve probably already started thinking about how you’ll get around in and out of town.  To give you more options, we’ve partnered with Modo to bring car sharing right to your doorstep! 

With 8 vehicles in the area, you’ll always be covered. In fact, you’ll have access to their entire fleet of nearly 700 cars, trucks, SUVs and more, across the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan, so you can start your trip from pretty much anywhere. 

But possibly the best part, is the FREE Modo Membership we’ve negotiated for you ($500 value) plus $100 in driving credit. As a Residences at The Heights resident, you’re guaranteed to drive at the lowest rates possible. 

Read more and sign up today:


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